25th November 2011

The UK members of SPLASHCOS organised a day-meeting in Edinburgh on 25th November, 2011, to inform the wider UK community interested in submerged landscapes about the work of SPLASHCOS and to solicit ideas and further involvement

The meeting took place in the offices of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) in Edinburgh.

This was an open meeting for anyone interested in the work of SPLASHCOS, and the Irish members of the SPLASHCOS Management Committee were also invited to take part.

The meeting comprised presentations about the nature of COST Actions, the current agenda of the SPLASHCOS research network, presentations of recent work on submerged landscapes by SPLASHCOS members, and open discussions structured around the themes of research, engagement of volunteers, and collaboration with industry.

Note that some of the following downloads are accessible only to participants of the meeting and SPLASHCOS members

Agenda pdf

Attendance list

Meeting Report

Circulation list

Powerpoint Presentations