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SPLASHCOS - Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology and Landscapes of the Continental Shelf - is a four-year research network (2009 to 2013) funded by the European Commission under its COST program (Cooperation in Science and Technology) as COST Action TD0902.

Its aim is to bring together archaeologists, marine geoscientists, heritage agencies, and commercial and industrial organizations interested in researching, managing and preserving the archives of archaeological and palaeoclimatic information locked up on the drowned prehistoric landscapes of the European continental shelf, and to disseminate that knowledge to a wider audience.

Details of the programme and membership of the Action are given in the Memorandum of Understanding, in the MoU Addendum, which gives details of the history of the proposal and publications, and on the COST website.

The formal term of the Action is now completed, and a final report will be made available on the COST website. Publications resulting from the Action are currently in progress, members remain active in conducting new research, and details will be posted as news items on this site from time to time.

SPLASHCOS is COST Action TD0902. Click to find out more...


European Maritime Day Workshop
Wednesday, 20th May 2015

SPLASHCOS members will present a workshop at the European Maritime Day Conference in Athens on 28 May. This is an annual event organised by the EU to celebrate the achievements and potential of Europe's oceans and seas. The workshop, entitled Maritime Heritage and Blue Growth: What's the Connection? is being presented under the auspices of the European Marine Board, the European Dredging Association & the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. Speakers include Geoff Bailey, Dimitris Sakellariou, Nena Galanidou, Henk Weerts, Tido Vellinga, Euan McNeill and Andrea Otte.

Summer School on Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes, Greece, 23-28 August, 2015
Thursday, 5th March 2015

The University of Geneva is running a one-week summer school in Greece aimed at early stage researchers. The course will be led by Dr. Julien Beck, University of Geneva, and Dr. Dimitris Sakellariou, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, and will take place at Porto Cheli in the southern Peloponnese close to the famous site of Franchthi Cave. The course will cover marine geophysical techniques, data processing, and issues of sea-level change, palaeoclimate and human prehistory in relation to the submerged landscapes of the continental shelf.

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European Marine Board launches publication of SUBLAND report
Tuesday, 7th October 2014

The European Marine Board has published the report of the SUBLAND Working Group 'Land beneath the Waves: Submerged Landscapes and Sea Level Change', recommending new collaboration and funding at European level on Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research. For details of the press release click here. For the report click here

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